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Hi Rob, Welcome to the forum. From the photos, it looks like you have a pretty nice 1916 DWM. The holster is a softshell, I think for a P.35 FN/Browning Hi-Power. This is not to say that it was'nt issued with the pistol. It's just not a Luger holster. If he was in the Hitler Youth? They were armed with whatever could be scrounged up for a last ditch defense of Germany at the end. It's very possible that the holster was issued with the pistol.

However, it's hard to believe that he was allowed to retain the pistol by the Allies after Germany fell. Unless he hid it someplace, before it was captured or he surrendered.

In my opinion, I think you got a good deal at $700.No matter what the war story is. The holster is probably worth $75-$100 alone.

Congratulations, Ron
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