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Kids are gone and I am trying to spend their inheritance. Bought a big wheel bike, Harley, street toys and of course two Lugers. Should have started buying them years ago when they were cheap in the men's magazines.
Bought them at the local gun dealer who was selling them for an idividual. Price was what I would call cheap, (for a Luger)so I don't think that they are high dollar pistols. This is the first that I have done any reading up on them and searched the net to find a site that would talk about all the different markings on them but so far have found little. Might have to order some of the books mentioned.
Here is the information and may be some of the long time collectors can give me some insight. Both pistols are in excellent condition with little holster wear. 9mm
Pistol One: From Top: 42 viewed from rear of pistol. byf viewed from left side. 32 stamped into all parts.
Left Side. 2532 where barrel starts, 32 on all other parts. Gesichert for safety. P 08 by safety.
Viewed from front 2532 and what looks like a written letter e. On grip 1. POL 3.
Right Side: Very small, three horizontal lines with perpendicular line going through the three. 135 under that. Shown twice, side by side with the spread eagle with swastika to the right of that..
Clip bottom is wine color and has 32 stamped on back side. On the side of the clip it has fxd with the three parallel lines with the single line crossing perpindicular through them and 37 underneath that. By the rivit it has a 08
Pistol Two: On Top: Viewed from rear, 1939. Viewed from left 42
Serial Number 2486. 86 on all parts
Right Side: Very small three hrizontal lines with a perpandicular line crossing through it with 655 underneath. Shown twice side by side. To the right of that the spread eagle with the swastika under it. On the barrel, there is the spread eagle with the swastika underneath and to the right of that looks like a small circle with two heavier lines cossing through it and a thin line as well. So tiney that my old eyes can not distinguish it properly. Also has Gesichert for safety.
From Front: 2486 under the barrel. Beneath that is what looks like a written large letter L but more than likely it is the letter Z as it has a bar runing through it. Aluminum clip with no markings.
Have spent a lot of hours reading many of the postings but still have lots to read. Look forward to spending more time on the site and learing all about these wonderfull pistols. I collect cars, motorcycles, and am into just about all hobbies and interests. (nostalgia, wet look photography, kayaking, and you name it. John
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