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Thor is right. I had some Lugers before I could lay hands on the Still - books, and only after spelling out the chapters concerning them I found out what I should have been looking for when I bought them.

However, it is very handy to have at least one Luger on the table, when you go through all the reading. That is anyhow the way I understood better the explanations about markings, stamps and the main components of the pistol.

It might therefore be interesting to find one (just one) Luger from a not to difficult and cheaper type, like the P08 (DWM on toggle) of 1916 - 1918, or a much younger Mauser made S/42 or 42 or byf marked one, years 1937 - 1942.
You should only look to the price of it. It is learning material, and such a gun, mostly what we call a 'shooter', can easely be sold later when you know what you would like to really collect.

Good hunting!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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