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we have a luger with "dwm" on the top right. the s/n is 383 suffix "p" in 2 places, and a small crown-N printed upright on the left side with GERMANY printed below it.we have no idea what year it is, we can't find ayear date on the gun anywhere.there is an "S" on the front site.and there is "GESICHERT" printed under the safety.it has a blask plastic bottom on the magazine. our neighbor gave it to us b4 he died, and said his grandpa was issued this gun in ww1. and 383 is thoughout the gun along with 83 on many pieces. there is also a "W" on the inside of it when my husband took it apart.here are some pictures too though they didnt turn out well. I appreciate the help. candy

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From your photos it appears you have what is commonly known as a 1920 commercial Luger. The GERMANY stamp was for weapons to be exported to the U.S. Is this a .30 (7.65 mm) cal. luger?? The DWM is for Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken, the manufacturer. Probably manufactured sometime from 1921 - 1922. If there are no military acceptance or proof marks on the right side, I would place little credence in the story that it was "issued" to your neighbors Granpa in WWI! Other more knowledgeable members may chime in with more info!!


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It's a shame the pictures are so blurred. Perhaps you could try again. What bothers me about Dave's interpretation of this gun is that I not aware of 1920 comercial pieces without a grip safety that did NOT have a stock lug. Also, although it is very hard to tell, there may be some proof marks on the right side of the receiver. If this is all true, it would put this piece as a DWM military piece, dated from 1910-1913, with the chamber date ground off, and C/N proof added, and "germany" stamped for export. One can postulate other possiblities but clear pictures are needed, especially of the right side of the receiver.

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I missed the missing stock lug!! However, I asked about the right side proof marks and the caliber. Poor pictures, but it didn't appear to have a ground receiver. But, as I also said.... more knowledgeable members would probably chime in!! ;))


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sorry guys my digital camera batteries were fading quick, i will get some tuesday morning and take more , i have been studying these guns like crazy and i too have a feeling its an earlier piece, i know the crown-N appears twice, but what would a military proof look like? and where would it be? bear with me i don't know what the pieces of the gun are called . :> candy. i also have a feeling the grandpa may have lifted this gun from someone in battle.thats a better story anyhow.

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ok guys got a couple more but i need to take the pic of the back of the gun later when my batteries build up hope these are better there are boot scuff marks on the back of the handle where it is obvious he put it in his boot often. candy

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ok after looking at the post my great grandaddies gun, that is the same gun as ours but we have a P suffix and the back of our handle appears to be ground off,but we do have germany printed on ours above the barrel maybe breech lock, where his is not.and the the leather strap holder broke off

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Candy, welcome to the forum,

Yours would not have served in WW1 if it is a commerical piece, as these were done after the war.
During the last 50 years, and expecially in the 1950's and 1960's, it was thought that a luger stock lug was illegal by some dealers and folks, so they ground them off. This almost always negates the gun to a shooter status, which is what I believe yours is. It is still valuable as a cool gun, and worthwhile to have! Value is probably $350-$550, depending on who is looking for one....

To take pictures (for me at least)I use copious light, lots of it, plus I take tons of pictures. I find I take not close pictures, but further away, but using the highest setting, then crop it....

The "whiting" you see on others is added by them, only the safety area "Geishcert" came whited. Folks use grease pencil, white out, special grease like pens, etc...


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well let me tell you we really looked hard at it last night, on the square piece next to the germany stamp the guy dremeled all over it,he scratched something out that was in the middle and wrote huge 777 on it and on both sides put "u.s." and on the back bottom drew a peacock and then the name chris.and the bottom of my magazine is definately black bakalite. i was reading on another board last night about soldiers killing germans and keeping thier guns but that they would get in severe trouble if caught with the gun so they personalized it. my gun is very well used and i cant see a man with big hands using it quickly in battle with that piece they ground off the butt being comfortable.i also heard that crown- N is sometimes not an N but a Z my crown is soo small its smaller than the N. on all the other commercials i have seen the crown is much bigger. candy

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we also measured the barrell its 4 inches long, we were told it was a 7.25 but i dont know how to tell the difference...

Clearer pictures: Admin move:

i hope these are more clear, we chalked the stamps. candy

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if it wasn't a soldiers pistol then tell me why he wrote u.s. all over it? and why does it have round circle tooling marks all over the inside and out?
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