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The FL Selbstlader (also called the Langenhan) was produced by Langenhan Gewerhre und Fahrradfabrik at Zella-Mehlis from 1915-1918. These are in .32 caliber, bear C/N proofs on the right or left side, and most reported bear an Imperial Army acceptance stamp on the left side. Some bear vertically grooved wood grips and others bear plastic grips. Reported serial numbers range from 2856 to 84134. About 85,000 were produced. The FL Selbstlader is on the list of ordnance and commercial pistols offered for sale by the Prussian Army Arsenal to officers on 8, August 1917. (Still, Volume I, page 42, 43, 47; Adamek, Pistols of World War I, page 66, 67) (Note: below serial number list updated 12-5-2004)

FL Selbstlader (Langenhan), Imperial Army stamped
2856 Imperial Army stamped
2856 Imperial Army stamped
5122 Imperial Army stamped
8764 Imperial Army stamped
10003 Imperial Army stamped
11757 Imperial Army stamped
11767 Imperial Army stamped
14131 Imperial Army stamped
15861 Unit stamped R.95.M.G. (Not known if Imperial Army accepted)
20366 Imperial Army stamped
24917 Imperial Army stamped Unit stamped J.R.172.M.G.10.
26162 Imperial Army stamped Unit stamped 2.E.M.G.K.18.A.K.
30789 Not Imperial Army stamped
32047 Imperial Army stamped
42087 Imperial Army stamped
43412 Imperial Army stamped
47502 Imperial Army stamped
50168 Imperial Army stamped Unit stamped R.J.R.212.10K.8.
52104 Imperial Army stamped
55082 Imperial Army stamped
55223 Imperial Army stamped
83987 unknown if Imperial Army stamped
84134 Imperial Army stamped

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Figure 1. Left side FL Selbstlader, serial number 55223.

(A single screw holds a yoke that retains the slide to the breech block. In theory, if the screw works out and the yoke rotates upward the breech block could fly into the face of the shooter. However, there are no reports of such happening and it appears to be a problem in theory only.)

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Figure 2. Right side, FL Selbstlader, serial number 55223.

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Figure 3. Details right side. It bears the C/N proofs and the inscription “F. L. SELBSTLADER D.R.G.M. 625263-633251"

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Figure 4. Details left side. It bears a single crown/scriptic letter German army acceptance stamp.

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Figure 5. FL Selbstlader, serial number 55223, with its World War I issue holster.

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Figure 6. Holster, back side.

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Figure 7. Holster: ink stamp on the inside of flap. B.A.X signifies: the Bekleidungsamt ( Clothing Procurement Office) of the X Army Corps. Holsters were issued to troops from this office.
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Thanks for the excellent photographs and presentation of your Langenhan rig.
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