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Israel emerged as a national state after the 47/48 war of independence. Shortly later the Israeli Defence Force ( IDF ) was formed. The IDF was armed with pistols from various sources and countries.
So some WW II P.38s with Israeli acceptation stamps are known.
Now I can present you an Israeli FN 10/22 military issue.
It’s a standart WaA103 accepted pistol produced in 1941 which takes a WaA613 accepted mag.
One can find two Israeli marks on this IDF pistol. The first is the “tsadi “ stamp enclosed in a circle representing the IDF property mark .Second the “ nun “ or “noon “ mark enclosed in a six pointed star as a proof stamp. The “nun” was the first letter of the Hebrew word for “tested”.
One find these marks normally on the receiver and slide, but never on the barrel. In this case only on the receiver.
Surprising enough the nazi symbols had not been defaced although the weapon has been refinished by the Israelis.

If this weapon could tell her whole story … .


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Was the '19' placed on the slide by the Israelis? I believe mine are numbered on the bottom of the slide? [visible when pulled to the rear and turned over]


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