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FN 1922 advice needed...

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I have a chance to purchase a Nazi era commercial 1922 in 7,65mm.

It is a really nice clean gun with no waffenamt</u>...just the Nazi eagle proofs and the 'triangle' on the rear of the frame.

The gun is #6041b and all parts match except the barrel which has the Nazi proof and 3514c visible thru the ejection port.

The price has been reduced to $200 and I was wondering what you guys think about it at that price? I had passed on it at $350.


Orvel L. Reichert
P O Box 67
Vader WA 98593
360-245-3492 tel
360-245-3702 fax
360-520-6520 cel
[email protected]

Quote....."Money can't buy love, but it sure gets you a great bargaining position."---Murphy
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Hi Orv,
Just to compare, I got one off the auctions for 290.00, matched, E/N only. I am not sure they are rare enough to consider one that is mismatched for anything else than a shooter. Just my opinion.
Here is a photo of mine. SN 131386

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