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FN Browning 1922-Dutch Holsters

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I have been enjoying LDThornton's post of 4/30/05 and the photos of these fine pistols and especially the Dutch holster. I recently purchased a Dutch contract FN 1922 pistol and I've begun to search for a Dutch holster similar to Mr.Thornton's. What markings and/or makers' stamps should I be looking for and what color leather?
The ser.num.of my pistol is 52991. Thanks, Skip.
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The Military holsters where brown and the Police holsters where black. The black police holsters are used till the FN 1922 was replaced by the Walther P5 in the late 70's.
The brown miltary holsters (used till Mai 10th 1940) have a cleaning rod pounch at the side.
The spare magazine pounches are for 2 magazines. Holster, magazines pounche, cleaning rod and spare magazines all bear the guns serialnumber !!
I have never seen black magazine pounches for 4 spare magazines, used by the police (but I don't say that I don't excist)
The police holsters have no serialnumber at last no the later ones, maybe the pre war types had but I'am not sure about that.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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