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The other day I was fortunate enough to win this pistol in an online auction and it arrived today.

When the Germans occupied Liege, they expected the war to end quickly and were not too concerned about pistol production at FN. The pistols that were in the warehouse or on the assembly line were requisitioned. Not much effort was made to keep production moving - in the beginning.

Initially, the inspector stamp of WaA613 was used. The inspector that was assigned that number was replaced in 1941. Before that happened it is estimated that around 6300 pistols were produced and stamped with that number making it extremely uncommon when compared to the number of FN 1922 pistols with the WaA103 stamp estimated to be at 36,000 and especially when compared to the pistols marked with WaA140 estimated to be about 325,000. (Information drawn from "The Belgian Browning Pistols". I think I'm getting the "Axis Pistols" book for Christmas.)

Download Attachment: WaA613 left.jpg

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