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FN Hi Power, WaA Markings

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I've recently come accross an FN Hi Power that I find confusing. It is a Nazi marked, Tangent sighted, slotted frame example in the early 44000 serial number range, but the German military acceptance stamp,(in all the proper locations), is: E/WaA140. All my references indicate that the acceptance stamp should be: E/WaA613. I would welcome any thoughts on this from the forum.

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I have one is serial no. 43923. It is marked WaA 140. It also has all of the Belgian commercial proofs, and some of the Belgian military acceptance markings.

(At that point in time, the Beligan militay marking were "C" in square and small crown "AC" and small crown "GC". My Hi-Power is missing the the small crown "GC".)

The Germans did not mark all of the Belgian Hi-Powers that they acquired. Apparently yours and mine went back into the factory for some reason (ie: repairs) and then was marked before it was re-issued.

Thanks for the information. I need all the help I can get on Hi Powers!

The serial number on this piece is 44071. The left trigger guard web is marked with Crown "AC", and the right side web is marked with an H in a triangle, above P9. The "C" in square is present on the slide and frame, as well as an "A" in square partially obscured by the left grip panel.Mine does not have the Crown "GC" either.It also does not have the German test proof, only WaA140.

Thanks again,

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