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Hi gents
Following the story !
Some few weeks ago I was proud to present to his noble assembly my 1938 Belgium GP taken on a german soldier at the end of the WWII.
After some heavy research in the family house of the previous owner, the holster was found (Thanks God !)
He is not in new condition, no marking at all (may be an oval ink stamp in the "actually " inside inferior flap)
The touble is this one look like inverted !!!! and "field inverted" !
Please give me some help !
Regards at all, it's always a great pleasure to read your forums !Carry on !


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Hi Jan,
Nice to read you ! (and proud too !)
unfortunatly, I can't read the ink mark. The oval is approx 3 cm long for 1.7 cm high max. There is something script inside but no way.
The holster is for 60 years in a same hands and I think in a same state, no more details, my uncle friend is dead for long now.
I am just curious about what the inferior flat is in a "wrong" face !
For me it's a field repair (and may be post war, this gun have been used in Indochina as a personnal weapon)
remember that the Mac 50 French pistol have a very similar construction holster type than GP35 nazi type !
So my question is :
Do I "re-create" this holster as original or leave like that ?
Thanks for your reply about my modest contribution (and again my poor english !)

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Your english is fine.
"Do I "re-create" this holster as original or leave like that ?"
I agree that the inside out section of this holster is not factory original. As you said, It appears to be a field repair. If I had the holster I would be inclined to leave it as is. Finding a proper piece of leather to match this holster may be difficult.

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Hello all
While on the subject of Browning H.P. holsters I was wondering if the holster pictured below would be a candidate for repair or should it be just left alone. The spare magazine pouch is missing. It is stamped 'dla' for Karl Barth and dated 43 under the flap strap and I can not make out the WaA number.
Thanks again

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