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Four of a Kind

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I thought that you gentlemen would like to see a rare grouping of consecutive serial numbered AC 45 pistols from my collection.

It is interesting for me to see these pistols left in unissued original condition for 60 years.

The slight differences in grip colour and finish makes these guns unique.

Download Attachment: ConsecutiveNumbers2.jpg
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Ok Mark, you got to tell me...how do you come to own four consecutive AC 45s!!
Someone must have grabbed them right from the crate at the end of the war. Very nice, thanks for sharing them. Dean
Impressive grouping. I have the same question that Dean has. How did you get the four consecutive AC 45's.
The consecutive series were aquired by me from a dealer who said at one time he had an entire crate. I got the last 4 that were consecutive. He was selling them one at a time.

It is very interesting for me to look at all four guns side by side and know they have stayed together for all that time. The rest of the guns in the crate were sold off, when and where, I have no clue.

How he got the crate is not known to me. He had several other P38's in the same serial number range but not consecutive. My good luck......
Verrrry impressive! Great presentation of the guns also.
Very interesting Mark! I have seen pictures of crates of PPK's / P38's, etc., and of course some enterprising GI grabbed an entire box, probably brought them back and sold the entire crate to this dealer for a couple of hundred dollars...


My thinking exactly! I would have bought the entire crate but I was way too late!

Here is a link to my web site for better photo's.

http://www.p38guns.com/Four AC45.htm

What a great find. Don't ever split them up.

A friend of mine has 2 consecutive numbered Imperial navies, that he just put togeather by sheer buying luck. This is a very rare occurance.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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