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I showed mine to my new father in law 36 years ago and he was unimpressed.He said his a guy who lived 3 doors down from his house had 4 of them. On my next visit to Eau Clair Wis I was introduced to the man. He had been a waste gunner on B24s flying out of Italy. He said they made many runs over Ugoslavia (sp) dropping liberators. He hated the job they opened the rear bombbay doors and he had to go with a line tied around him and stand on a shifting pile of small boxes and shovel them out with an aluminum scoop shovel. He said it was horrible because of the cold wind, hard work, and fear of falling out,or of the bombbay doors opening. He said twice he had to scramble back to his gun because of fighters. I tryed to buy some of them at the tme they were worth about $50 unboxed but he didn't want to sell. He later moved and I lost track of him. Bob
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