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I just purchased a mismatched Luger for a great price and wanted to know if anyone knows, from SN 3744 on the frame, what timeframe and which company produced it. All numbers appear to have been removed (I put a straight edge over position of chamber date and there's a gap). No other SNs or proof marks anyware except sideplate, also not matched to frame and the barrel, which only has the remnants of what appears to be 8.82. It had been re-blued in the past and there's some light pitting visible underneath. I had originally bought the luger for parts ( been getting outbid on Ebay a lot this week and I figured for the price of those few parts, I got the whole gun ). Only ,when I got it home, it really cleaned up nice ( what's with gunshops not cleaning their guns before they sell them ) I won't bother with pictures unless someone's interested.
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