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I have what you are referring to as Model 1 units in serial numbers 57xx and 67xx both with crown N proofs, each has "Germany" stamped in different locations,[
both have Berlin D.R.P. markings....Deutschland Republik Produktion... I also have what your referring to as a Model 2, serial number 318XX, crown N proof, NO D.R.P. marking. Curious as most of the years...how did you know your particular specimen was proofed in 1940? It seems odd to me that I have seen the Model 1 guns in the 5000-10100 range, none above that, then the model 2 guns always in the 30000 and up range....wondering if they skipped a large serial number group in between model 1 and 2. Do you know of any guns between 14,000 and 30000? thanks...interesting forum.

QUOTE=Fritz;390]Weapons over which one finds hardly anything in the literature, are the pistols of the company Franz Stock in Berlin.

The weapons offered in Cal. 22lr,6,35mm and 7,65mm came onto the market shortly after the first World War.

After the literature these pistols were built until the early thirties.
This cannot be correct.

There have been two different variations of the weapon in the caliber 7.65 mm, in which model 2 appears more streamlined at the outer phenotype . Nothing was changed at the construction.

After my observations the models changed in the area of SN 32.000.
SN 33.999 shows the Crown /N proof.
The weapon on hand (SN 34.402) is the so far highest SN registered by me shows the E/N proof
It has been proofed in spring 1940. # 33999 is without any proof !!
Obviously these pistols were produced until the forties.

Who can help with further data?
Every help is accepted gratefully.


Franz Stock model 1 and 2[/QUOTE]
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