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French Savage

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Hi all,
Here is a pistol I picked up in Reno this weekend.
During WW1, the French found themselves short of military weapons and pistols were no exception. The French looked to other countries for additional pistols for their army. They purchased pistols and revolvers from Spain (Rubys, Stars) and the United States (Savages, 1911s) among others.
When WW2 was in its early stages the French again found themselves short of handguns. Older pistols were either still in use or brought back out of storage. The 1935A and 1935S were also in limited production. Even commercial pistols such as the MAB D were procured.
Many French military pistols ended up in the hands of the Germans or the French resistance.
The Savage 1907 pistols from the WW1 purchases were well finished, handled well and had a higher magazine capacity(10) than other pistols of that era.
According to Adamek's "Pistols of World War I" 27,600 Savage pistols were purchased. None of the WW1 Savage contract pistols have any French markings. The majority of contract pistols will have a lanyard loop and loaded chamber indicator. The slide will be marked on the top "SAVAGE ARMS CO. UTICA. N.Y.U.S.A. CAL.32. PATENTED NOVEMBER 21. 1905.-7.65.M-M."
They also fall into specific serial number ranges 109,000-114,000/121,000-130,000/150,000-167,000 (Adamek). The serial number of this pistol is 126032. I hope you enjoy the photos.

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Loaded chamber indicator

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Nice write up on this Savage M1907 French contract pistol. Wow, that pistol cleaned up very nice. Glad you were able to find one and add it to your collection. I have always liked these Savage semi auto pistols and to find one with a Military Conflict (WWII) connection is pretty neat. They are a well made pistol and were very popular with the American shooting public before and after WWI.
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