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This was not an issue piece and may not come within the strict guidelines as being used bythe Allies in WWI & WWII. But it is a piece that was used in test trials by the French just prior to WWII when they were looking for a new pistol for their military. Indirectly it is connected.

It is in Caliber - 7.65 mm French Long. Its serial No. is "2".

Right side of Slide: Manufacture d'Armes de Paris

Seven (7) examples are supposwed to have been manufactured

It was manufactured for the 1935 French trials.

Manufacture d'Armes de Paris was controlled by F.N. It acted as a subcontractor for F.N. for its military orders and, in addition, acted as agent for all F.N. products sold in France. Thus, its name was added to the slide. This was considered necessary as this pistol was submitted for the French test trials which resumed in 1935. The French named it the Model of 1936

This example incorporates the fixed lug locked breech design of the High Power. It has an en bloc hammer unit which allows the hammer mechanism to be removed as one unit when disassembled. It was redesigned to have a single line magazine. It is one of the few High Powers, or its derivatives, that was in a caliber other than 9mm.

Right side view, showing markings:


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