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Expanded and now in PDF form
updated 1 August 2019 - see below

>>> Marc E has kept this up

I've attached the latest version of the FAQs in both compact PDF (for online viewing and low bandwidth access) and Hi Resolution PDF (for 300dpi printing) forms.

This version adds:

Rust Removal by Electrolysis.

Point of Aim discussion.

Discussion of 1941 "41" date Mauser Luger "n" versus "p" suffix with illustrations.

Maintaining holster leather.

Discussion of Field Armorer capabilities with photos of field armorer's kit.

Photo of Million Dollar Chip

Discussion of reblued Lugers and photos showing buffed appearance.

Discussion of Halos

The prior revisions:

Mauser magazine classification

THARPO Mauser magazine photographic study

Added information on removing the recoil "S" link pin and on the "Relieved" frame of the M1900 Swiss Luger.

Added minor information about numbered DWM side plates and Canevasit grips.

Cleaned up text positioning, and integrated recommended revisions posted to this thread through May 6th. This version includes a revised discussion of VoPo and RC Lugers and the "X" marking.

This one contains an additional item on Haenel magazines and minor updates, and supersedes the November, 2016 and earlier versions.

- - - - -

I'll continue to review any additional suggestions and corrections for the next update.

The FAQs contain a hyper-linked (clickable) table of contents. This will also optionally display on the left side of the screen in the Adobe reader. I've removed numbering to allow easier ordering of items.

Additional good sharp clear illustrations of the topics will also be appreciated! You must own the images and donate their use to LugerForum.com.

I'll work at regular intervals to update the FAQs so that we have a valuable and responsive resource for new collectors.

Compressed PDF (about 900kb) and full resolution (2.3mb) are attached.

View attachment 20190801_LugerFAQHiRes.pdf

View attachment 20190801_LugerFAQLoRes.pdf

Please post corrections and update suggestions at:

LugerForum Discussion Forums

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