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From Proud to Pitiful

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Pictured here is a "Benchmark" piece , which means that pistol rig was acquired not two hands removed from the veteran and came with holster and two matching magazines. Matching , in this case, may not mean numbered, but rather two exact issues of the same magazine as to time frame and condition. The holster leather is what, in the local vernacular calls, "belly leather" and is "parted" in addition. From a once premium manufacturer of leather holsters to what is displayed here at this level is what I call "Pitiful", and am amazed that AKaH even allowed its trademark to be placed on this example. The pistol is as near a 100 point gun as one will find and still be considered original but yet has some distingishing features that make this rig very unusual if not interesting.

Download Attachment: holster front.JPG

Download Attachment: holster rear.JPG

Download Attachment: holster exposed.JPG

Download Attachment: holster trademark.JPG

Download Attachment: holster markings.JPG
125.21KB If one looks closely, you will see the markings " nur fur WALTHER PP ". A number of these holsters have been observed in the past , but this is the only one noted so marked to indicate what pistol this holster was made for. Others have stated to be for Astra 300 or even FN 1922 holsters.

Download Attachment: pistol left side.JPG
143.14KB Even though this pistol is as close to being a 100 point gun as one will find, the safety lever is not only not finished , it is not even polished.

Download Attachment: pistol right side.JPG

Download Attachment: right side close up.JPG
139.38KB Along with showing the matched slide and frame , it also shows that no proofmarks were applied even though this pistol was not a GI factory put-together at war's end in Europe.

Download Attachment: magazine side walls.JPG

Download Attachment: walther PP W mags.JPG
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Excellent photographs and display of a very late War holster and Walther.
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