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I am interested in this little pistol to add to a collection, but I know very little about it. Any information or tips to share would be greatly appreciated!

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A little history!.These pistols were made by the firm of Waffenfabrik August Menz of Suhl. This firm also made the Beholla and the Menta. First put on sale in 1920 in 4.25 caliber to keep the pistol as small as possible, the pistol hade a pretty long production run, since models engraved 1927 are known. Mr Menz was sensible enough to see that the gun would be more popular in a known caliber, so it was produced in 6.35 cal. in 1925. A handful were also made in 7.65, but this version is very rare. Which model do you have Michael? It's quite a conversation piece. I once had one in 4.25 with a tiny original shoulder holster! One thing though, the firing pin springs are very weak like the Walther Model 9 and tend to cause miss fires if left cocked for any length of time. Hope this helps.


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There were (at least) two Liliput pistols made.

Here is the Frommer version in 6.35 mm :

Download Attachment: Fromliliput.jpg

Here is the Menz version in 4.25 mm :

Download Attachment: liliput_grd1.jpg

I believe the Frommer was a simple blowback action,
which was brought out onto the market circa 1921.

I'm sure others have more detailed information.

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