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1912 Frommer Stop Cal. 7,65 and 9mmk! pistols were employed by the k.u.k. army.
Both versions are listed in the Austro-Hungarian reports of 1917/18 (H.B. Lockhoven, DWJ 5/91).
Interestingly the Frommer Stop was not introduced as an orderly pistol in the k.u.k. army. As many other pistols the Stop was only purchased as an auxiliary arm, like a great variety of pistols in the German Reich.
In 1920 this pistol was at last orderly accepted as "pistoly 19" in Cal.7,65 only in the Hungarian army "kiralyi Honved" ( royal defender of the native county ).
Production continued until the early 1930s, the quantities produced are not known, but serial numbers as high as 330.000 have been reported.

A very few Frommer Stop pistols are showing Imperial German inspection stamps indicating that perhaps not only commercial purchased Stops were employed by the Germans.

Imperial accepted Stops observed by me:

# 64 491, # 86 816 (Still), # 71 255, # 77 020, # 90 953 and two other pistols in the 90XXX area.


Download Attachment: 29.12.jpg

Download Attachment: 29.12. 045.jpg

Download Attachment: 29.12. 075.jpg

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I have one of these interesting pistols as well.
Mine is serial number 79,114 with Crown-"D" stamp.
I'm sure that the Frommer King will have some good
information on these to add to the discussion, too.

Happy Collecting in the New Year! --- Rich.

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I've added a photo of my Imperial Army Frommer Stop pistol.
I've been told that quite a few of these guns are German -
Accepted. However, I have only come upon three of them myself.
The earliest ones had horn grips rather than the wooden shown.

Download Attachment: FrommerImpPrf.JPG
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