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I thought it might be interesting to compare the first variation 0 series P38 which still was experimenal to a post war assembled Walther AC 45.

This 1st varation pistol is 100% correct except the mag which is from a third variation. First variation pistols had a concealed extractor and square firing pin and were produced in 1939. Many of the parts are hand fitted and only 1,000 produced, it has the very high polish Walther blue and the e/359 acceptance stamps on all the small parts including the guide rods.

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The very last pistols at the Walther factory were produced from parts for American GI's by factory workers in 1945 after the war ended. They are made from left over parts and have no e/s proof markings. This variaton is unique to Americans as no example of this pistol has been seen in Europe, GI's captured the Walter plant. The frame/barrel/slide are mismatched in the late c block with the first e/359 acceptance stamp from pre occupation, German production stopped in the early c block, this pistol has many small parts phosphated with the hammer in the white, it is unfired.

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