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Fwd from Tuco's Help needed

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Hi all,

I own a 1921 DMW luger serial # 894** with no suffix.

It was rebuilt by the Nazi's, it has Wa4 on the side of the toggle.

The police marks are x'ed out, but I was hoping someone could help id them for me.

Here we go:

S.(no idea, maybe W.)I.1.145.R.

Above these marks, there are three marks that are symbols of some sort.

The first one almost looks like a Chinese character. The second one might be a 2. The third one looks like the antler used as a proofmark. But, like I said, these three symbols are small and hard to read over the x's.



Mr Paul Caruso
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Does your Luger have a sear safety?
S.W.I.1.145R may signify: Schutzpolizei Wiesbaden, command I, first centuria within command I, weapon number 145 (am unsure of the R)

Photographs would be help identify the markings.
Paul says thanks, and is going to try to get some snaps of the
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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