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Hi all,

I own a 1921 DMW luger serial # 894** with no suffix.

It was rebuilt by the Nazi's, it has Wa4 on the side of the toggle.

The police marks are x'ed out, but I was hoping someone could help id them for me.

Here we go:

S.(no idea, maybe W.)I.1.145.R.

Above these marks, there are three marks that are symbols of some sort.

The first one almost looks like a Chinese character. The second one might be a 2. The third one looks like the antler used as a proofmark. But, like I said, these three symbols are small and hard to read over the x's.



Mr Paul Caruso
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Does your Luger have a sear safety?
S.W.I.1.145R may signify: Schutzpolizei Wiesbaden, command I, first centuria within command I, weapon number 145 (am unsure of the R)

Photographs would be help identify the markings.
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