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G DATE SERIAL NUMBERS, WITH KM AND POLICE DATA, AND ACCEPTANCE STAMPS (aaa) Data supplied by members of both Forums and gathered by Frank and Still. KM data from Third Reich Lugers page 106.
Please post additional G date information.
Thanks Jan

Updated July11, 2011. The following combinations of serial numbers and acceptance stamps been observed or reported:
K date, sn 1041a reported
(1400a, estimated transition from K date to G date June 7, 2008)
1471a, B90 S91
1736a, B90 S91 ETP; no hump,
2155a B90--S91
2800a B/90--S/91
3000a B90--S91
3770a B90--S91
4190a B90--S91
4223a, B90, S 91

4229a B90--S91
4249a B90--S91
4250a. B90 S91 ETP. Bore gauge 8.82. Walnut grips with big 50. Magazine 3065a DE/154.

4288a, B90--S91
*4849a B90--S91
4947a B90-S92, 1920/G OVER CHAMBER. Barrel: 4947, 8,83, B90, ETP. Norwegian dip from Doug Smith.
5102a B90-S91
5305a B/90 S/91 "+" matching mag w/B/90 acceptance5481a, B90 S91, with 1 matching mag, B90
5481a, B90 S91, 1 matching mag B90 no +
5486a W154--S92 (confirmed with photographs)
5670a, B90 S91 , ETP. Mag. B90 5403a

5887a B90--S91

6109a B90--S92
6395a B90--S92
6479a B90--S92
6623a W154--S92?
6712a B90--S92
6885a B90--S92
6941a B90--S92
7073a W154--S92
7158a W154--S92
7200a B90--S92

7211a W154--S92
7356a B90--S92
7369a B90--S92 The mag is matching number but E63 proofed.
7466a W154--S92
7578a W154--S92; Magazine nickel plated crimped; bottom: 7578 / a / B90
7875a W154--S92
8069a W154--S92
8345a W154--S92
8537a W154--S92
8628a W154--S92 (Mag.. 9398a , B90, K date?)
8631a W154/S92. B90 proof on barrel. Grips appear original with no #.
9244a W154--S92
9324a, W154, S92.
9344a W154-- S92
9458a. W154--S92
9792a W154--S92
259b W154--S92, large S and sharp barrel band, mag crimped plated 259/b/+/DE154
539b W154--S92 large S and sharp barrel band, mag crimped plated 539/b/DE154
613b W154--S 92. The first E in the safety has the bottom bar missing
628b W154--S92
735b W154--S92
808b W154--S92
829b W154--S92
1504b W154BS92
1688b W154--S92
2895b W154--S92
3340b W154--S92 (two matched Police magazines, but no sear safety) comments?
6018b W154--S92
6463b W154--S92
6497b W154--S92
6956b W154--S92, Barrel.W154, mag matching DE/154
6969b W154--S92, matching mag DE63
8221b W154 S92
8452b W154BS92
8463b W154BS92 8560b W154--S92
8846b W154--S92
9236b W154--S92
9329b W154--S92
9829b W154BS92
5c W154--S92
97c W154--S92
399c W154--S92
661c, W154 S/92, sharp-short barrel band, no hump
1081c W154--S92
1772c W154--S92
1849c W154--S92
2512c W154--S92
2736c W154BS92
3514c W154--S92
3757c W154--S92 (mag 3257c W154)
4854c W154--S92
5008c W154--S92
5529c W154--S92
5756c W154--S92
5887c W154--S92
6569b W154--S/92
6669c W154-- S92
7328c W154-- S92
7449c W154-- S92
7622c W154-- S92
7895c W154--S92
8021c W154--S92
8059c W154--S92, 2 matching mags, no sear or mag safety
8735c W154--S92
9020c W154--S92
9311c W154-- S92
9840c W154 S92 Matching mag DE 154 no frame hump.

269d DE/211--S92
457d, W154, S92.
691d W154BS92
723d W154--S92

822d DE/211--S92 (730d E/211 Mag.)
943d has a matching "+" mag with DE 154 acceptance
1030d DE211--S921131d DE211--S92
1131d, DE/211 S-92 ETP, Matching except clip. Reblued and Restrawed.

1347d DE 211--S92
1778d E/211--S/92
2133d DE/211--S92
2154d DE211--S92 (2159d W154 Mag?)
2197 "d" DE211 S92 (w/2197d mag)
2301d DE/211--S92
2323d DE/211--S92
2344d---- KM N 1082
2377d DE/211--S92
2454d E/211-- S/92
2626d---- KM O.1431
2641d DE/211--S92
2741d DE/211--S92
2964d DE/211--S92
3176d---- DE/211--S92 KM E/M(2) N1138
3253d DE/211--S92 (matching mag 3253d DE/211)
3266d---- KM O.2014
3278d DE/211--S92
3394d DE211 S92
3682d----DE/211--S92, KM 0.2442
3697d---- KM N 993
3791d DE/211--S92
3860 d , E/211 S-92 ETP, reichsmarine eagle M- front grip strap N-1133, no frame ear hump.
3868d---- KM O.2440
3976d---- KM N 1022
3992d---- KM O.2464
4003d DE/211--S92
4026d DE 211, S92
4212d DE/211BS92, barrel DE/211, grips unnumbered, KM N1677 without KM eagle
4249d---- KM O.2097
4311d DE/63--S/92
4398d DE/63--S92, Barrel. DE/211
4437d DE/211--S92
4504d---- KM N1091
4522d---- KM N1180
4548d DE/211BS92
4599d DE/211BS92
4464d---- KM N 1646
4770d DE/211--S92 (5207d E/211 Mag.)
4879d DE/211BS92, KM 0.2473, matching mag 4849 / d / DE/211
4922d DE211-- S92; O.1474 on frontstrap without KM Eagle. Barrel DE211, grips unmarked . 5272d DE/211--S92
5360d, DE63 S92 with two matching mags, DE211, rig
5462d DE/63--S/92
5518d DE/63--S/92
5623d DE/63--S/92 matching mag 5623d eagle/63
5690d DE/63--S/92
5936d DE/63--S/92
5963d DE/63--S/92
6471d DE63 S/92

6523d---- KM 0.2717
6575d DE/63 S/92
6636d DE/63--S/92
6794d DE/63--S/92
6805d DE/63 S/92
6942d DE63--S92
6943d DE/63--S/92
7348d DE63--S/92 --mag is 8707e with E/154
7422d DE/63--S/92, mag 7422/d, DE/63.
7437d DE63 S92

8096d DE/63--DE/63
8752d DE/63--DE/63
8549d DE/63-DE/63
9442d, DE/63--DE/63
9599d DE/63-DE/63
9830d DE/63--DE/63
9838d DE/63--DE/63
42e DE63--DE63
200e DE/63--DE/63
237e DE63 DE63
417e DE/63BDE/63 *?(Typo? Not counted)
1051e; DE63/DE63
1398e DE/63BDE/63
1417e DE/63BDE/63*
1690e---- Police Sear Safety
2199e DE63--DE/63
2508e DE63--DE/63
2759e DE/63--DE/63
2971e DE/63--DE/63
3343e DE/63BDE/63
3438 e DE63

3705e DE/63--D/E63
3823e DE/63--DE/63
4003e DE/63 -- DE/63... matching DE/63 mag; grips not numbered
4338e. D E/63BDE63. mags E/63
4407e, DE/63,D/E63, 1 DE/63 mag, grips numbered 07.
4621e, DE/63, DE/63; 4895e DE63 DE634991e DE63--DE/63
5111e DE/63--DE/63
5613e DE/63--DE/63
5745e DE/63--DE/63
6008e DE/63--DE/63
6032e DE/63--DE/63
6348e, DE/63--DE/63
6458e---- KM N1306
6523e---- KM O.2717
6919e---- KM N 1341
7228e, KM N/1368, DE 63 DE 63, no hump
7218e DE/63--DE/63
7937e---- KM O.2634
8304e DE/63--DE/63
9212e, DE/63-DE/63
9336e---- Police Sear Safety
9354e---- Police Sear Safety
9369e DE/63--DE/63
9376e DE/63--DE/63
9409e---- Police Sear Safety
9419e---- Police Sear Safety
9430e---- Police Sear Safety
9448e---- Police Sear Safety
9460e---- Police Sear Safety
9491e DE/63BDE/63 Police Sear Safety; #1 HS matching mag
9524e---- Police Sear Safety
9602e DE/63BDE/63
9657e Police with both original HS mags. Came with a DE63 tool that was stamped 9376 on the back and I want to think it was done by the Police.

9748e---- Police Sear Safety
9784e---- Police Sear Safety
9816e---- Police Sear Safety
9826e Police, DE/63 DE/63 matching# HS mags, tool, holster[1934 Fischer]

9931e DE/63 DE/63, Police Sear Safety, mag safety removed and slot filled; Mag HS, bottom: 1 / 9931 / H; 1915 holster modified to police and numbered to gun.
70f DE/63--DE/63
468f DE/63--DE/63. All matching, 96% no mag.
442f DE/63--DE/63820f DE/63--DE/63
830f, DE63 DE63, with 1 matching mag, DE63, rig
965f----- KM N 1299
1015f---- KM N1185
1016f---- KM N 1213
1289f---- KM N 1292
1382f---- KM N 1382
1481f---- KM N1344
1490f---- KM N 1300
1509f, KM N/1295, DE63 DE63, no hump, N 1295 KM mag
1689f DE/63BDE63
1869f---- KM N 1309
1937f DE/63BDE63, Police sear safety, 2mm
1989f DE/63--DE/63
*2043f DE/63--DE/63 Police Sear Safety
2079f DE/63--DE/63 Police Sear Safety & unit marked
2216f DE63 DE63
2357f DE/63--DE/63
2517f KM N/1270
2632f DE/63--DE/63; matching mag DE/63
2723f----- KM N 1302
2846f DE/63--DE/63
*2927f DE/63--DE/63 KM N 1376
3804f DE/63--DE/63, Barrel DE/63
4304f DE/63--DE/636035f DE/63--DE/63 (not confirmed)
4737f; DE63/DE63 all matching but Russian dip blue
(6000f? estimated transition from G date to 1936 date)

G DATE VARIATIONS: SERIAL NUMBER RANGES, ACCEPTANCE STAMPS, AND ESTIMATED PRODUCTION (Using interpolation and then rounding to approx. numbers. Note: police sear safety and KM without acceptance stamp information not counted in total )Updated 03/25/2005
Accept. Stamps - Number Rep.-Serial Range -- Est. No. Lugers Mfg.
B90--S91 ---------- 7 ---------- 930a to 6000a -------- 5,070 Lugers

B90--S92 ---------- 4 --------- 6000a to 7200a ------- 1,200 Lugers

W154--S92 -------- 40 --------- 7200a to 800d --------- 23,600 Lugers

DE/211--S92 ------ 19 ----(269d)800d to 5150d --------- 4,350 Lugers

DE/63--S/92 ------ 6 ---------- 5150d to 7500d ------- 2,350 Lugers

DE/63–DE/63(end 6000f?) 31 ---- 7500d to 6000f ------- 18,500 Lugers

Total --------- 106 -------- 930a to 6000f --------- 55,070

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These are the data of my 'G':
1. 6479a B90 -- S92
2. 3757c W154 -- S92 (mag 3257c W154)
3. 3253d DE/211 -- S92 (matching mag 3253d DE/211)
4. 5613e DE/63 -- DE/63

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G-Date #4169b; W 154, blank, Eary proof .I have exaimed gun under magnification, and it appears that NO second proof mark was applied.
Your thoughts?


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G date 5623(d) Receiver acceptances DE/63--S/92-- TP Magazine 5623(d) eagle/63

Also could you please correct the table for my other G date luger shown above to show magazine for G date serial number 4879 (d) is an original matched mag--4879 (d) 211

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