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*G Date KM, sn 3176d, N 1138, with holster

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While I have shown some high point guns in the past, this example is rated a keeper as well , just as the others are. Kreigsmarine rigs are the most difficult of all WW2 pistols to locate and when found are normally not up to collectors high expectations but original unaltered examples are just too scarse to past up. This is especially true when found as a rig. To my knowledge , this is the only original G Date Gothic Eagle luger rig known to exist. There are others with much higher points than mine with one or no matching magazine and even one or two with suspect second magazines but this is the only uncontested real original unaltered example. Trust that you will be educated and enjoy this posting.

Download Attachment: holster front.JPG
143.39 KB

Download Attachment: holster rear.JPG
156.69 KB

Download Attachment: holster markings.JPG
146.67 KB

Download Attachment: holster exposed.JPG
181.89 KB

Download Attachment: holster KM proof.JPG
180.3 KB

Download Attachment: pistol left side.JPG
178.61 KB

Download Attachment: left side close up.JPG
170.34 KB For some unknown reason, some fool's finger is in this picture.

Download Attachment: toggle top.JPG
165 KB

Download Attachment: frame front.JPG
156.38 KB It appears that the infamous flat top 3 is throughout the G Date range.

Download Attachment: front gripstrap.JPG
126.83 KB From observed examples , this Gothic Eagle is the last of the eagles applied to Kreigsmarine Lugers.

Download Attachment: pistol right side.JPG
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Download Attachment: pistol right side close up.JPG
153.58 KB

Download Attachment: magazines.JPG
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Download Attachment: magazine bottoms.JPG
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Download Attachment: loading tool.JPG
184.85 KB The true story is, after selling or otherwise bartering off my M anchor loading tools ,I was left with this one, a confirmed fake !!!!
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Excellent photographs and presentation of a rare Kreigsmarine G date.
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