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I purchased a couple of guns this week. one is a g date luger, not the p38 I posted, of the two guns this is the only one I have photos of. the g date I picked up on a trip to vegas. I stoped into a pwan shop and the dealer took me to the back room and showed me a g date luger-all matching no. s-42 mauser. marked 63 on right reciever twice. the second could be a 6? and another mark on the bbl. I took the gun apart and it all matched firing pin toggle pin. ect. the take down tool in the holster is marked 63 and 2 mags. both marked fxo and not the same as the pistol. aluminum bottoms. holster is marked on the back and in used but good condtion. and the bluing is original and appx 90% and same or more on straw. the p38 above is a single ling ac 44 all matching non import. btw nonimport on the luger. I picked it up for 1350 tax and shipped. the p38 lookes to be original blue locking block is white and so is the hammer sear. the safe and fire is white and blue. any opinions welcome. thanks

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