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On the luger I just picked up, the mags that came with it are marked 2839 f + de63 and the other is marked 2557 f + de63 and the gun is marked 3032 f, is it not strange that I have magazines from the same block so close togeather? or is there some reason that maybe the armory switched the mags in some inspection or another service type mix up? I take it that the mags which are both nickle plated and marked with the same proof marke de63 are both g date luger mags. thanks for your hlep

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I would think you are correct in saying that both mags were proper for a "G". The approximate beginning of the 1936 guns was 6500f. (See Jan Still's book THIRD REICH LUGERS.) How they came to be with the gun is hard to know. It could be that the previous owner (not the German) just found 2 mags that were close. I don't think the factory would have done that. They would have made sure it had 2 matching mags when it left but after that I don't think they cared.
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