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Is there such a Luger as a gothic G date ERFURT?
If not what would be your opinion on this gun if I said all numbers matched including clip and condition about 90%?

Value as is?

Can ERFERT piece be replaced? would original have a serial no.?

Thank You!

K. Bores

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Kevin, most collectors would feel this is simply a "shooter" piece... The Erfurt toggle has a serial number that should match the rest of the gun. I believe that Jan's Weimar Lugers shows an Erfurt toggle on a newer gun, and states to the effect that every part was used during war time (WW2).

Coloration and stamping must be the same to even remotely think it was all original by the factory as a last ditch put together. It is possible, but more likely to be a thrown together shooter from the 1950's.

Shooter Value, around $500, if you took the chance and said it was original, maybe $800???

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