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The Stylized "GECO" marking shown in the previous thread is very interesting. I have a 1906 FN which also bears the GECO marking, but it appears to have been hand engraved on the front grip strap. It was obtained from the widow of a WWII vet, and is definitely a bring back. I wonder if anyone has seen such a hand applied GECO mark?


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I have a few notes/serials on FN1905's. I can't read your serial, but it looks like 1055765? Anyway, your pistol might be Japanese procurement, do you know where the "Vet" served?
Pistols 540124 and 555251 were picked up on Wake Island, #50124 was in a Japanese holster.
#1007571 was sold to Japan Sept 1931 and has "Geco" on the front grip strap, I don't know if it was engraved like yours.
#1019617 was in a Japanese holster.
As you know these were also used by the Germans.
I own # 1082350 which is "Geco" marked (standard Geco logo) on the frame, and 1083332 which came in A. Fischer Berlin C2 1942 holster (page 267 Whittington)
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