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The Danish military obtained 4080 Model 1910 Bergman Bayards from AELP in Belgium before the start of World War I. After world War I, Denmark produced about 2200 of a modified version of the model 1910 called the 1910/21. The AELP Bergman Bayards obtained by Denmark from Belgium(produced in Belgium before World War I) were modified by Danish arsenals and stamped 1910/21.

On April 8 and 9, 1940 Germany attacked and occupied Denmark and remained there until the Wars end. Captured Bergman Bayards were used by the occupying Germans. The Germans designated them P. 644 (d). Correspondence with a Danish Museum (by John James) revealed documents dated 10-24-43 that indicates the E/WaAC6 stamp was used on a variety of captured Danish military equipment during the occupation. Bergman Bayards 1910/21s with the E/WaAC6 stamp were reported in Denmark.

When Axis Pistols was revised in 1989, six Bergman Bayards were reported with the German Army E/WaAC6 stamp, serial numbers:2016, 4624, 5972, 6349, 6727, and 9823. These are all 1910/21 marked Danish arsenal reworks of Belgium AEP manufactures pistols with large wooden grips. Fritz (Fredrich Muller) reports 15 waffen accepted Bergman Bayards (P.644 (d) Bayard 1910/21, 10/23/2003)

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Figure1. Two Belgium made Bergman Bayard’s, each was used by the German Army during a World War. Bottom, Bergman Bayard manufactured for the Germans in German occupied Belgium during World War I. It is unit marked to the Machine Gun Company of the 2nd Garde Regiment of Foot. Top, Bergman Bayard manufactured in Belgium for the Danish military, captured and used by the occupying Germans during World War II. The top pistol is discussed in the Central Powers Pistol section.

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Figure 2. 1910 Bergman Bayard, serial number 9823, manufactured for the Danish military by AEP (Belgium) prior to the start of World War I. A Danish arsenal stamped 1910/21 on the left side and added the large wooden grips. It has a detachable magazine.

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Figure 3. Bergman Bayard, serial number 9823. Right side, showing Belgium proofs and the added Danish serial number,1891.

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Figure 4. Bergman Bayard, serial number 9823. Bottom, showing the serial number.

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Figure 5. Bergman Bayard, serial number 9823. Showing details of the manufacturing logo. The 1910/21 was added by a Danish arsenal

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Figure 6. Bergman Bayard, serial number 9823. Details of the German acceptance stamp. The E/WaAC6 stamp is documented as being used by occupying Germans to mark captured Danish equipment. This pistol was used by the German Army that occupied Denmark during World War II.
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