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German Army Luger Tests

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In Kenyons ‘Lugers at Random’, he states with regard to the 1908 Commercial/Military Luger – ‘Manufactured by DWM for Military test/acceptance by the German armed forces’.

Does anyone have any additional information about these ‘tests’? Might some of these Lugers have been re-barrelled in 7.65mm by the military as late as 1913-14?

I understand that the German Army did initially carry out some trials with 7.65mm Lugers, but all of these were fitted with a grip safety. I assume this was much earlier with the 120mm barrel M1900 version.

Is it possible that military testing of 7.65mm Lugers was taking place right up until the beginning of World War 1?
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I believe you are correct that these C/X C/X C/X marked Lugers had nothing to do with testing. The commercial serial numbered examples no doubt were pulled from production to fill a shortfall in military wartime arms buildup. I suspect that the 1914 dated 1908-pattern examples that are serial numbered in the military style were pieces drawn from non-issued stockpiles, arsenal date stamped with the year of issue per regulation, and pressed into service. This contingency supplement to military Luger acquisition probably occurred at the same time from both sources, undoubtedly in the 1913-1914 timeframe as Luke has asserted (and supported by the 1914 date on the military-style pieces!). Very likely these supplemental weapons, being part of this urgent buildup program, were subject to the same acceptance process from both sources, resulting in the C/X C/X C/X acceptance marks being applied to the two variants. This is all conjecture of course, but it works a lot better for me than labeling them as “test” pieces.

I am now prepared to tuck my tail also if necessary.
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