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Student 1979,

Thanks for your posting. A very nice piece.

I've always thought it strange that these pistols, manufacutured in Spain, for wehrmacht procurement, are marked with the English language word "Spain", instead of Espana (Spanish language), or Spanien (German language).
I wonder why? Any ideas ?

Does the stock have a serial number like the M1896 ?
If so, can you include a photo of the Ser.# ?

Just out of curiosity, so as to have an idea of the differences,
what is the value of your pistol in Norway,
without the stock, and then with the stock ?
I pd. $3,300. for mine (no stock) in the U.S., 2001.

Here's mine:
Download Attachment: Astra-900Nazi-1.jpg
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Download Attachment: Astra-900Nazi-3.jpg
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Just a thought, but possibly the "Spain" marking was added later, possibly for import into the U.S. Most firearms imported into the States must have the country of origin stamped into the metal (such as the "Made in England" and "Made in France" on older imports).

It could also be a possibility that they were marked by Spain for export to other countries, just as the British did on some of their firearms with the "ENGLAND" mark.

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The stock only has the serialnumber on the inside of the lid, not on the attaching-iron like the C96.

Download Attachment: TA1.jpg
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Download Attachment: TA3.jpg

The value here in Norway is low compared to the US. This is mainly because of two things; First of all it is very difficult to get a license to buy such a gun, secondly very few norwegian collectors know what a "german contract" Astra 900 is.

There are not many german contract Astra 900's in Norway, but if you can get a license, and you are lucky enough to find one, they usally cost the same as a standard C96 in the same condition. But they are rare here also..

Mine is all matching, with a matching stock. It sadly has some very minor pitting on the trigger, and in front of the magazine, but apart from that it is in 99% condition.

If any collector is interest in a Astra 903 (selective-fire model) instruction brochure/manual for their collection or library, I am asking $100 or Euros 80 including postage.

The two inside sides describe the constructive data, performance and disassembly of the pistol. There are a few tears on the edges of the paper (refer to images hereunder), but this is a rare piece of literature for the Astra 903 pistol.

I can be contracted at [email protected] for any inquires.


Download Attachment: Beliard - Astra 903 Brochure - Front.jpg

Download Attachment: Beliard - Astra 903 Brochure - Rear.jpg
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