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Perhaps, some of you have a gun in your collection that for one reason or another, there is a particular flaw that prevents the piece from being what you would like it to be.
This High Power, WaA 140 marked pistol , has been "buggered" by someone.
The Russians, the Israelis, the Yugoslavs, I don't know who ,.
but it is a shame, because, otherwise it is quite a nice gun. They didn't scar all the German markings, but they sure did a number on one of them!

Download Attachment: Copy Left Side With Mag.JPG
279.6 KB

A close up of their nasty work.

Download Attachment: Copy of Left Side With Flaw.JPG
242.06 KB

The gun came with an unusual unmarked holster, (if anyone can tell me something about it, I would appreciate it ) as well as two magazines,
one WaA 140 marked ,the other simply with a "U" on the spine.

Download Attachment: Copy Original Holster With Mag.JPG
297.86 KB

Download Attachment: Copy of Original Holster Flap Open With Pistol And Mag.JPG

Download Attachment: Copy Of Both Magazines.JPG
210.05 KB

The right side showing serial number 61741a.


Download Attachment: Copy of Right Side With Mag.JPG
241.54 KB

I tried adding a correct holster,... hoping to feel better.......but the problem wouldn't go away!

Download Attachment: Copy Of New Holster.JPG
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Charlie,I have examined the holster many times , in the bright sunlight, under a magnifying glass, to try and find any semblance of markings,.......no luck.
This is certainly not a "pretty" holster, but it definitely accomodates the pistol and the spare magazine . It appears as though the closure stud may have been relocated at one point, as there is an additional hole in the flap where it might once have been.

Download Attachment: Copy of DSCN0005.JPG
Thanks for your interest Charlie.

Hey, it is still a great looking pistol!!! Instead of lamenting about this pistol, go out and shoot it!!! It looks like it would be great fun to shoot, and since it isn't perfect, you wouldn't feel so bad about doing so.
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