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Now that I have taken the pistol apart, I have made some observations that I need help figuring out...

1. There is no number on the barrel. Everything else is matching (and I mean everything, from the slide, to the frame, safety, and every other metal component that makes up the trigger mechanism), and the barrel does have the German proof mark on it. However, the last two digits of the serial # aren't anywhere to be found.

2. I have noticed that the earlier Model D pistols have different grips and possibly different sights than later Mab D's, why is that?

3. What stampings are placed on the holsters? The one I got with the pistol has a WaAD20 stamp. Would this be correct, or were there also WaA251 holsters? How hard hard is it to find these holsters?

4. I'm guessing that a serial # of 533XX would have been made late in 1940, is this correct?

5. Where were these "supposed" to be issued? Were they used post war? THANKS



BTW, if does anyone want to see pictures of the rig? If so, I'll try and get some on the board
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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