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I finally got to get my first Luger out of Lay-a-way the other day. From what I can gather it is a 1941 Mauser BYF marked all matching including the firing pin, sadly the mags do not, and it came with some type of holster that I have never seen before. I am going to try and get some pics that I took, but the old camera does not take great pictures. Please let me know if there is anything that you would like me to photo, look for, etc.

I will get the hang of the pic deal. I forgot to get pics of the holster and the inside of the grips. I will do that tomorrow when I get the camera back.

A little deal on the Luger. I teach World History, coach jr high football, high school wretling, and summer time wrestling so I do not have a lot of free time to hit the stomping grounds. About three weeks ago I had a free saturday so I hit the stomping grounds to see what was out there. At the last store, I had passed it earlier, the Luger had came in a couple hours before from a vet's widow. She did not know anything about the pistol except he came home with it from WWII. The store owner and I have a lot of the same tastes and he showed it to me. I fell in awe of it as soon as I held it. If it were not for the store owner having his fathers he would have kept this one. The store owner let me pay it out and I feel that I got a excellent deal especially after I have been watching them rise in value since I was in college. The vet's widow is also looking for the bring back capture papers. I would love to have those too so I would know the history ehind the piece.

Thanks again

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Welcome to the forum and a very nice luger indeed.

Please post photo's here of your holster and someone will assist in it's identification. We like odd here as it challenges the mind to think outside of the norm.

Your luger is known in some collecting circles as a (Black Widow) this term is slang and has no reference to any racial slur. A USA dealer coined this phrase and it has survived the test of time.

The 1941 BYF was manufactured by Mauser and is a genuine authentic luger of that period complete with the black grips if proven correct .

Nice story and you should find out if the widow has any more goodies.
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