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Hi Gents
I am new in this forum and I have some few questions about my new (!) GP35
I brought it from a friend who have the gun in his family since 1945 when is uncle (died in 1975) pick up the gun on a german soldier.
This is a tangent sight model (50-500) with cut on the frame for a stock, number 28348 on the slide, frame, barrel.
My question is : is it a real belgium army GP ?
if yes, what about capture weapons in the german army : does have WAa stamps or not like the others manufactured under german control ?

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If you are able to post images, it would be a great help. These would show the markings on the pistol.

In any event, as a general rule of thumb ---

Not all Hi-Powers made during the pre-war period went to the Belgian army. Those that did have the Belgian acceptance markings added. These consists of a 'c' in a square or a 'H' in a circle. Also a crown over "PH", "AC", "GC" and "a" over "ME". These markings should be on the barrel and the left side of the frame and slide.

As to WaA markings, only some of the Hi-Powers (pre german manufacture) are marked with them. Usually this was with WaA613, although ocassionaly WaA 103 or WaA140 is seen. The ones usually found with these markings are in the 40,000 (and above) serial number range. The majority of prewar Belgian military Hi-Powers were not WaA marked as the Germansaccepted the Belgian proofing.

If your Hi-Power does not have the WaA marking, it does not mean that it was not used by the Germans because, as stated above, the majority of acquired Belgian Hi-Powers were not marked.

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Hi cpw
thanks for your reply.
the GP have a few stamps on the slide : left to right
- H in a circle
- GB with a letter (?) on and a star (?) under : all in a oval
- a lion
- PV with a line on
_ N with a + on
on the frame :
- same than slide + PH with crown
trigger frame :
-PH with crown

barrel (ejction port side):
-ELG with crown
-PV with line
-GB with letter and star (?)
-H in a circle
-cal 9 m/m a (with line under)
- Z with crown
left side of the barrel: 28348
left / rigth side of slide and frame : 28348

the pics are not very clear but...
this gun have a hard life behind him but a great history (the WWII, the indochina and algeria wars with my uncle friend.

Download Attachment: GP35_d_01.jpg

Download Attachment: GP35_d_02.jpg
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