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Hi Guys, I've been coming to the site for sometime now and finally decided to ask for your help on my great granddad's luger. I have been to many luger sites but the conflicting info such as marks is a tough nut to crack. Grandaddy was a revenuer (moonshine g man to you lowlanders)in the mountains of North carolina in the late 30's. He carried this pistol in service for years before retiring it to a lock box for 50+ years before making me the second owner of this luger. I think this luger is a 1935 or 36 commercial model from what I have read here and elsewhere but I would really like the learned opinion of you gentlemen. Its not for sale [so no droolin ..haha ] but I would like to know what you think the value is. I'm hooked on lugers and am looking for a shooter, not shootin this one til I know more..

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Your Luger is what is commonly referred to as a "1920 Commercial", and I am assuming that it is in .30 caliber ( 7.65mm ). According to the information found in Jan Still's book on the Weimar era Lugers, it was made in the 1922/23 time period. While collector interest in the late DWM commercial pistols is not that great, the .30 caliber Luger makes an excellent shooter with low recoil. Winchester recently put the .30 Luger ammunition back into production. From the photographs your Luger appears to be totally original, and I would expect to see one like it priced in the $800/1000 range.

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That is a nice piece of family history you got there. Take good care of it.Although the 30's don't sell as high as the 9mm,as you stated it isn't for sale. I would insure it for a couple hundred more than the prices posted.

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Thanks guys. The information is much appreciated. Friends and shooters at the local range won't think I'm an idiot when they ask the age or value and I can tell them now. One more question though, will it hurt this gun mechanically to shoot it? It is in perfect working condition and I have loaded a few rounds through it but not fired it. I wouldn't make a shooter of this gun but it would be good to shoot it once anyway. I would value your opinions.

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David...... Welcome to the Forum. I would tell you that putting a few rounds thru it should not hurt it a bit. As with any semi-auto, I would tell you that the first time you do fire it only put 2 rounds in the mag. Make sure you give it a good cleaning afterwards and then apply a very light coat of oil. You are lucky to have it and know the history behind it.......
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