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This Luger is a 1910 DWM s/n 7386c and is marked "1.G.U.2.18." (1st Guard Ulhan Regiment, 2nd squadron, 18th weapon). I know little of the battle history of this unit other than it was in the Guard Cavalry Division and served in the Ostsee Division in the 1918 Finland Expedition to fight the Bolsheviks in that country. Any further enlightenment on the unit's history would be appreciated.

A holdopen to the gun has been retrofitted but the sear is unrelieved. The magazine s/n matches the gun but the bottom is worn and cracked. The grips are unnumbered (is this correct?) but of the early fine checkering type and they fit the gun perfectly. Wear on the gun appears to be more from poor storage than service use. While there is frosting in odd places on the frame, there is only light wear on the grip straps, barrel, sideplate, and high points on the frame. The bluing is evenly light on the back of the frame above and around the lanyard loop and in the well under the loop but oddly, the part of the toggle in that area (below the rear sight) is solid blue. I would surmise that this is not the result of use but the bluing process and who was bluing a particular part. The oil inside the gun is old, discolored and hard. Stripping down the gun and cleaning it thoroughly will be an enjoyable evening's project.

Download Attachment: 1910 DWM 1.G.U.2.18. L.gif
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Download Attachment: 1910 DWM 1.G.U.2.18. R.gif
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Download Attachment: 1910 DWM 1.G.U.2.18. GS.gif
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Download Attachment: 1910 DWM 1.G.U.2.18. MB.gif
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Download Attachment: 1910 DWM 1.G.U.2.18. CD.gif
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Shelly, a great piece. Is it a new acquisition? If you come to the Chantilly show in Feb please bring it along I would love to look at it.

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So you ended up with it. We were discussing it just the other day. Good score! And a nice pistol.

1st Guard Uhlan was attached to 1st Guard division. Ostsee Div, 2rd Guard Kavalrie Brigade.
Russia (April)
France (September)
Clery (lost heavily, 4700 KIA)
Cremin de Dames (lost 2500-3000 KIA)
Russia (July)
France (October)
*classed as one of the best div. in the German Army*
Aisne (heavy losses)
Argonne (nearly overwhelmed by US offensive)
Champagne(withdrawn due to morale deterioration)
Stayed on the line until the Armistice. Rated one of the best Div.

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