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Hello from Arkansas

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I'm James Acerra Owner/Gunsmith/Armorer of
ACE'SDUGOUT I'm in the starting phase of opening my home business.
Selling Owners Manuals or on call home or business visiting gunsmith work.

Well any help I can be on the board I'll be proud to assist were I can.
Yours in service
James Acerra
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Howdy Jim
As y'all can see it did start a bit behind the times when I started. But my lovely wife has allowed me to
Machine Workbench Playset Tool Toy

upgrade the shop.
I'm in the :Getting the funds" lined up for the FFL, safe and so on.
I have updated the tools as well as the firearms.
So the quest continues.
I know some folks down your way,hunters and such.
Wasa time the family a box on the 40 at War Memorial. Now I'mup in the hills starting my home shop to get off the disability doleand start paying taxes instead of living off them.
Love these forums. You learn so much about the wide world of firearms.
Yours in service
James Acerra
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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