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Help.....1918 Luger, Need Info (picts)

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This Luger was my grandfathers who brought it back from WWII. I'm trying to find out where and when and whom he got it from by reviewing all the old war documents he has. I suspect he killed a german for it. He had kept it with a german booklet, a badge, the holster, the bullets, the magazine and the tool. It appears that all numbers match. Just wonering if you can help me out by looking at the pictures and also give me a value of the gun. Not looking to sell, but just curious. Thanks, and let me know if the link works.
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A "Soldbuch" is a German Wehrmacht paybook. It contains details of the individual soldier; change of rank, training, postings etc.


do not tell that to any traditional German. Liegnitz was in Silisia - which is now Poland. Even the Poles would admit that it is basically still a German town - famous for Frederick the Great´s military voctory - and for the industrial production of Sauerkraut. You can´t get much more German than that.


Hans meant to type Leipzig (in East Germany) - but like me, fingers get in the way. I meant to type "Silesia" and "victory".

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