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Help.....1918 Luger, Need Info (picts)

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This Luger was my grandfathers who brought it back from WWII. I'm trying to find out where and when and whom he got it from by reviewing all the old war documents he has. I suspect he killed a german for it. He had kept it with a german booklet, a badge, the holster, the bullets, the magazine and the tool. It appears that all numbers match. Just wonering if you can help me out by looking at the pictures and also give me a value of the gun. Not looking to sell, but just curious. Thanks, and let me know if the link works.
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Scott welcome to the forum!

This is a Weimar Police Luger, but here is a bit of history we can add.

It was orginally made in 1918 by DWM for WW1, then after WW1, it was "property marked" 1920. This is not a date stamping, but a Reichwehr property stamp. (you can do a search for 1920 and se other examples of this on the forum under the Weimar era pistols). Then the gun was taken in by the police, and during the nazi era it received a sear safety.

Sear Safety Example, bar at top, some received a mag safety, yours does not have one, mag safety at bottom:

Download Attachment: 1914_dwm_police_parts_color.jpg
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BTW, you can post here on this forum and then the pictures would stay as long as the posting stays.

Value, if all matching is probably $800-$1000 for the pistol, and another $150 for the holster...

Something interesting is the . after the serial number and after many of the last two of the serial number???

Also, this number on the barrel, can you do a close up or larger of it? And the marking under the serial??

Download Attachment: 47457391706_0_ALB.jpg
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Also, the K.Li.80 (I believe it is a Li??)

Download Attachment: kli.jpg
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But I beleive it is;
K = Kriminalpolizei (detective police force)
Li = city of Liegnitz

and the 80 would equal weapon number 80 (maybe not luger #80, but lugers, rifle, bayonet, etc).

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Don, It does look the same, once I compared the two. This is what Fritz stated:
quote:In my collection is the Erfurt 1916/1920 double date Luger # 7266a with replacement barrel numbered to the pistol marked E/ SU25 and sear safety. Grip strap is marked K.L.J. 120.
I would like to see a better picture of the barrel number, but the SU25 is interesting and you'll see it on a luger I posted recently.
:) Thanks Hans, I am sure it was a "fat-fingered-typing-mistake"

Where is Leizig located? I was all over West Germany, Bremerhaven to Heidelberg many times...

Thanks again Patrick, I apprecaite the deutch help.

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