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Help a beginning collector identify a Luger

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Recently, I acquired a Luger Rework that I can't identify. The Erfurt Luger serial number is 3009 a, it has all the Imperial military acceptance marks on the right side of the receiver plus the Imperial acceptance marks and 09 on the various small parts. It has a stock lug. I believe the Luger was 1914 date, but the chamber date has been removed and the barrel has been replaced. The bottom of the barrel has 2 Eagle N firing proofs plus a 9mm stamp. On the right side of the receiver and above the Imperial acceptance marks is "FRANKENSCHLOSS" and below the FRANKENSCHLOSS are the letters JH. There is an Eagle N firing proof stamped over the Imperial firing proof. The magazine is an AL. bottom Eagle 63 numbered 9542. Has anyone seen this type of rework? I would appreciate any additional info on this type of rework

Thank you for your help.

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Thank you for your reply. The first topic site was very helpful; the barrel markings are like mine except mine has an additional mark of 9mm.

Thanks again,
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