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OK...it's not a WWII version, wish it was, but I have an early '50s FN made in Herstal, Belgium with the "stickman-over-P.V" and "Star-over-L" proofs on slide and frame, matching frame, bbl, slide numbers "5972x". I can't log onto a couple of the FN sites and there is different info on the year/sn number that they started coming to the states. Dull bluing on the finish, ring-hammer, the same proofs are on the bbl, along with "ELG" and a "star-over-L" in an oval with a crown on top of the oval. Does this show up in anyones' Browning books?

I did hear that 479xx was a 1952 production as the owner emailed the Herstal factory....

Have any of you guys got the books on the Browning Hi Power, and specifically the post-war runs? It seems some four digit pistols went to Austrian forces. Post-war Hi Power sales were typically for the military and police forces although commercial sales made up a part of the success of the factory. I'm guessing this is 1954-55 production. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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I'm home & on my way to total recovery, but it's going to take At least 4/5 months. Thanks for your wishes. Appreciate it!

The following is all the info I can give you from The FN Browning Book relative to your pistol:

On page 79 they have a picture of a post-war Hi-Power & the caption

"FN lost no time returning the High Power to production after the war. This early postwar model, serial number 53135, still had the rounded hammer and concealed extractor of the original model introduced in 1935."

Further down the page:

"Then in 1954, with the relevant patents expired, the way was cleared for Browning Arms Company to begin importing the FN pistol line, which at the time consisted only of the High Power, the Model 1910 (1955) and the Baby Browning, into the United States. Serial numbers of 1954 imports began at 70,000 in the postwar production run."

As you can see from the above, your pistol is possibly earlier than 1954, but I'm unable to give the month or year of production.

Hope this helps a bit:)



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Re: FN proof marks on your post-war FN High Power: "Lion over PV": PV stands for: "Poudre Vive" (live, or smokeless powder). This proof is found on all FN pistols manufactured after 1903.
"Star over L", is an inspectors marking.
"ELG" in an oval, below a crown: "Epreuve de Liege": Final test proof, showing the barrel has been tested with black and smokeless powder, and mounted in the pistol.

This information is from "The Belgian Browing Pistols" by Vanderlinden. He states that FN began production of the High Power, and Model 1922 pistols almost immediately after the German retreat. The first post war High Powers were marked with an "A" prefix. After the war, the High Power was bought by several countries for use by their military and police organizations, and was also available for commercial sales. Unfortunately I can find no serial number information in tne book on post-war production.

Regarding Austrian purchased High Powers, I have serial number: 9100, marked: "L.G.K.T." ( Landes Gendarmerie Kommando, Tyrol ) issue number: 0830, with two matching magazines,(issue number), and matching numbered box, (issue number and serial number.)

This doesn't help you date your pistol, but it does identify some of the proof marks, and I hope you will find it of some interest.


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If you can email me a detailed description of all the small markings or better email me detailed picures of the small markings. I should be able to date it within three months. Postwar pistols are not always easy to date from the serial number as numbers were not all consecutive.
email to: [email protected]
Anthony V.
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