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Hello all; New to this board, I usually haunt the Tuco trader and Japanese sites. Great site so far, need several more hours to browse.

On to the question, I have a AC-43 P-38 in nice shape. The downer was the grips were messed up by the prior owner. I have one good Black Left hand grip and a brown right missing the screw and left escruction. I was offered a pair of grips that look old and have a little rust on the screw bushings. The thing is the serations are raised not indended in the grip panel like most I have seen, is this WWII German or Russian / repro? If they are not right does anyone have a source for a WWII set or a black right panel and screw set?

Second question, the holster has info in ink under the flap any translation would be helpful.

S (or 5)AB. XIV Pz 123


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Hi Nambu,

There are some original grips offered on ebay at this moment !!

To the markings, this could be:
Ober Sturmmann (SS corporal)
Werner Muller (guys name of couse)
5e Abteilung, 14 Panzerkorps, Nummer 123
(5e squadron 14e Tankcorps, number or tank 123)
But maybe someone has other suggestions ??
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