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quote:Originally posted by koshnaranek

any idea why there are there no proofs on the starboard side of the of the reciever?
Your description of the serial number and proofs indicate that you have a commercial "Alphabet" (also called a 1920 commercial) DWM Luger produced during the mid-1920's and as such it would not have the usual right receiver inspection/acceptance stamps found on a military issue pistol. What you call an "N" with "-" over it sounds like a Crown/N proof. The barrel mark "8,83" is the bore diameter measured from the top of a land to the top of an opposing land. The Eagle/2 mark on the barrel MAY be an Eagle/N commercial proof applied in or after 1940 and would indicate a barrel change during the war years. (A picture of the Eagle/2 would be appreciated.)
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