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The Mann I assume you have is the same as the one's I have. These pistols were manufactured in 1920-21. I have been told by people more knowledgeable than I, that the 21 you have after your serial number is the year of manufacture. By retracting the thumbpiece (what would normally be the slide) a slight bit, the knurled end of the barrel can be rotated 90 deg. and the barrel withdrawn. The barrel can now be cleaned. Complete stripping is impossible without proper tools since the sear rides in a slot under the bolt and complete removal of the bolt cannot be achieved until the sear axis pin is driven out with a suitable drift. (See German Pistols and Revolvers 1871-1945 by Ian V. Hogg). There were several variations made...One with Plastic/hard rubber and one with painted aluminum grips. Without pictures, value is difficult to predict. Probably around $75.00 for a roach to $375. for a mint specimen. Hope this helps a bit!!

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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