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Could some one help me identify the markings and any info on my new dreyse?Grips are a shade in color diffrent so one may of been replaced.What would the proper grips look like?Can I find early grips anywhere? What is the GMSG#63 mark mean?I got this from the trader for 135.00 did I do good?Approx Value? I also bought an SA stamped dreyse with some sdvice from Tuco that it was a hard to find peice.It is not in my possesion yet but I will also post its pics as soon as the BBT comes.
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None of the experts want to venture with a reply?I realy know nothing about this pistol how about some info?Any imput?

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Your Dreyse was manufactured sometime between 1907 and 1918 at Rheinmetall, Sommerda. I would guess that the G.M.S.G.Nr.63. may be a German police marking, however I cannot identify it.
What is your guns serial number?
If you put your post in the Central Powers section you will probably get a better response by folks that know a lot more about the Dreyse than I.

The SA (Finnish) stamped Dreyse is a rare pistol. Please post photographs under the Finnish section.
Thanks for your post.

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I was unable to open your photos but the marking is from the Großherzoglich Mecklenburg-Schwerinische Gendarmarie and it is listed and illustrated in History Writ in Steel, p. 242. I, too, am interested in knowing the serial number of this pistol. Can you post photos here in this thread?
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