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Help!!! Is this CZ-27 worth $200???

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I just got this late war, CZ-27 tonight from a buddy in another state. I need to know what a fair offer is for it by Monday. The serial number is 459160 and it has full coverage of a slightly, weak, phosphate finish. It is matching, has all the correct proofs and I would rate it about 98% overall.

My only problem is that its construction is so last ditch and the parts fit is so loose. Look at how sloppy the side plate fits. I sorta hinted I would give him $200, but I already have $20.00 in the FFL transaction. I guess I am just spoiled by the superb fit and finish of my other WWII pistols, but am I making a mistake here?? Thanks in advance!!

Download Attachment: CZ 27 left side.jpg

Download Attachment: CZ 27 right side.jpg
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