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Hi All!!
I recently inherited a Luger from my Father-In-Law. He obtained the Luger as a gift from his brother while he was in Holland serving with the U.S. Army in WWII. The brother is also deceased, so addl. background can not be obtained. A couple of basic weapon photo's follow:

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I think the grips are made of some type of plastic. One side has my Father-In-Law's name and the other side has "GERMANY 1945". Prior to his passing my Father-In-Law did tell me that he also had the orginal grips, however I have not located them todate.

I have done some amateur research and suspect that this Luger is made up with a ERFURT frame and possibly a MAUSER Receiver & Barrel This Luger has a serial # only on the Frame. The number is 9135 with a 1 directly centered below the 9135. All of the small part in the Frame & Receiver are stamped 35. The bottom of the Barrel does not have a serial # only a small stamped S/42. The side of the receiver where I think the serial # normally is has a small stamped "42". The Chamber is dated "1939". Also,the bottom of the Receiver/Barrel has the witness mark only on the Receiver, none on the Barrel. Photo's follow:

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The clip is a fXO with a bakelight or plastic bottom closure that has the left side knob broken off. No serial # on clip.


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Roger, welcome to the forum!

This is a parts gun, but let me give you two answers:

Collector answer, it is a parts gun, worth about $400-$500, as is. The grips are replacement, look horn, but probably plastic like you said, worth a bit on e-bay, but not a lot. I believe your sleuthing is correct on what parts it came from...

Family value, the ole priceless. I collect stories of bring-backs, so would like to have this story, as I will eventually publish, if interested, just e-mail me. Then maybe we could find some basic info like what and where dad was and your uncle...
Value on something like this is worth much more to you that to most anybody else.


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Roger. Let me add my welcome to the Forum. I agree with what Ed is telling you and think the grips are neat. Surely part of the history of the gun. If it were mine, I would keep it as it is and pass it down.

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Roger, To find out if the grips are organic or plastic. Hold a needle or straight pin with pliers. Heat it and just touch the backside of one of the grips. Smell the smoke that comes up. If it smells like burnt hair, they are horn, or some organic material. Obviously, if they are plastic it will smell like burnt plastic.


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Ron is right on with his grip test. It could also smell like burned resin. There is a kind of composite ivory, ivory scraps ground into a powder and suspended in a resin binder. I suspect that your grips may be made of this material.

The S/42 stamped on the barrel indicates that it is a WWII Mauser replacement part. The fact that it is not witness marked is of particular interest to me, thanks for the photo and comment.

A very interestin Luger, thanks for the pictures.


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Isn't the receiver also a replacement? I would think that the S/42 was changed to 42 on the replacement parts at the same time it was changed on the pistols.

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