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Help me identify my new gun

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I just got this gun that I can't identify. There are no manufacturer or brand stamp. It was sold as a baby browning, but it's not... The story from the seller was that it was given to a Norwegian prisoner when he was transfered to a camp/jail in eastern europe during ww2. Of course I can't confirm that.
The grips are made of hard plastic, but maybe they're probably not original due to one extra threaded hole not used. I'm thinking it might have had grips with one fastening screw (like the browning and others).
S/N 8603. All parts have a "59" stamp. I'm still missing the firing pin, as it is illegal to own weapons like this in Norway, but I don't think this has any other stamp than "59".
Please help a beginner...


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One of the many Spanish {probably} copies of the Browning design. No telling who actually made it, I've not seen one with no name at all on the gun or the grips, and no proof marks. Possibly one of the other members can identify a maker.
Mike is correct. It is a Spanish(25 cal.) pistol probably made some time in the 20s and not uncommon to have "no" manuf. names. They are,for the most part, copies of browning or Colt vest pockets but not as good). You could probably have an entire collection made exclusively of these pistols with different names on the grips.
Thank you guys for the replies.
I was hoping for a brand name, but I understand that could be difficult. Maybe someone else knows something... ??
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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